Maui hotels and Maui condos are great places to stay, but when you're sitting on a Maui beach or driving around looking at Maui sights, you're bound to see an amazing variety of cruise ships, fishing boats, whale watching catamarans, rowboats, sailboats, canoes and more on the ocean, in Lahaina Harbor and in Maalaea Harbor. 

Queen Mary 2 cruise ship
Queen Mary 2, world's largest cruise ship, off Lahaina

Lahaina Harbor Maui   Lanai Ferry Maui

Atlantis Submarine Maui   Pacific Whale Foundation Maui

Speedboat Lahaina   Island Princess cruise Hawaii

Sailboat Maui   Submarine Maui



Ocean Explorer Hawaii   Motorboat Lahaina Harbor

Whale Watching Maui   Deep Sea Fishing Maui

Boat Maui   Sailboat Hawaii

Island Princess Cruise Ship

Ship Maui   Rowboat Maui



Sailboats Maui   Outrigger Canoe Hawaii

 Cargo Ship Maalaea Harbor Maui   Kaanapali Beach Maui

Ship Hawaii   Fishing Boat Maui

Hawaiian Canoe   Scuba Diving Maui

Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride Of Aloha   Lahaina Harbor Boat

Trilogy Whale Watching Cruise Maui   Boats Lahaina Harbor

Maui's Best Boat



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