Humpback Whales*
We took all these photos
from the lanai of our condo





Tail slap











Breaches:  whales leaping out of the water









Mother's pectoral fin on the left, baby's tail on the right









Backs of three whales:  escort, mother and baby















Spy-hop:  sticking face out of the water to look around


Pectoral fin
















Whale's tail diving behind whale-watch catamaran


*An adult humpback whale is about 40 feet long and weighs about 80,000 pounds.  Whales are mammals and come up to the surface of the ocean to breathe every 15-45 minutes.  About 7,000 humpback whales live in Alaska in the summer and Hawaii in the winter.  They only eat when they are in Alaska.  They mate in Hawaii, are pregnant for 11 months and give birth the following winter in Hawaii. 





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