The Road to Hana


Rosie and Jon, with our friend Robin, went to Hana, a remote small town on the east coast of Maui, January 14-16, 2003.  We spent one whole day driving "The Road to Hana," a narrow winding road through the rainforest, then one day and two nights in Hana, and then one full day driving the desolate partially-unpaved road back via the southern route.


Coastline of the rainforest:

                                                  <-- This photo  by Robin

Waterfalls on the way to Hana:

                                             Robin, Rosie, Jon


                                              Moss-covered roots

                                                                                            Rainbow eucalyptus
Black sand beach at Waianapanapa State Park:
Our cottage at the Hotel Hana-Maui:
Sunrise behind the hotel:
  Big Island in the distance


Waterfalls near Hana:
  Blue Angel Falls

                                                       Blue Pool

Oheo Gulch (formerly called Seven Sacred Pools):

The south road back from Hana:




Other pictures from this winter 2003 on Maui


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